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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Hercules Olympe

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PostSubject: Hercules Olympe   Hercules Olympe EmptyJanuary 19th 2013, 12:38 am

Name: Hercules Olympe
Age: 18
Home Realm: Fairytale
Current Realm: Modern
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Sexual Orientation: Non-Specific
Relationships: None

Background: Growing up in Olympia, Hercules knew a poor childhood raised by simple parents. Finding his parents were the Zeus and Hera, he trained to become a God. However, when the spell was cast over the fairytale world, Hercules was sent into Modern times. He was grabbed up by a gym and told he was to be a trainer, seeing as his physical condition was spectacular. (More to come through development)

Hercules Olympe Tumblr_m6b3nbh5Oj1rrmelb

Live Action: Kellan Lutz
Hercules Olympe Tumblr_m8zthlW9qd1r7upxy
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Hercules Olympe
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