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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Aurora (Rose) Lovelin

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Aurora Lovelin

Aurora Lovelin

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PostSubject: Aurora (Rose) Lovelin   Aurora (Rose) Lovelin EmptyJanuary 31st 2013, 10:46 pm

Name: Aurora ( Rose ) Lovelin
Age: 18
Home Realm: Fairytale
Current Realm: Modern
Occupation: Socialite
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious
Relationships: Adam & Rose used to be engaged, however, after a horrible argument their relationship was severed severely.

Background: Aurora was born into Royalty with a heart pure of gold. Her parents introduced her to a Prince, Prince Adam. At first, the two didn't like each other and every time they visit each other, it was full on war. However, over the years, they both grown to love and become each other's best friend. Aurora's and Adam's parents told both them that they were going to be married, however, when Adam's parents died, he changed. When Aurora tried to talk to him, he told her hateful things, severing their bond forever.

Heart Broken and Alone, Aurora fell prone to a Witch's words. The Witch told her that Adam moved on from her, completely forgetting her, and Aurora changed herself. Her once pure soul turned into nothing but hatred and she helped the Witch Cast the Curse against Adam. Once Adam was cursed, Aurora asked the Witch to curse her as well, taking her to this new land.

Now, in this Modern Realm, Aurora is a Socialite, living life in the riches. She lives in one of the fanciest Pent Houses you could find in Seattle. She wears any new designer clothing that comes out but still managing to be stylish.

Aurora (Rose) Lovelin Tumblr_inline_mh63l8JL001rdfj3d
Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
Live Action:
Aurora (Rose) Lovelin Tumblr_mb2xkbpdIe1rxx29j
Katie Cassidy
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Aurora (Rose) Lovelin
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