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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Character Profile: Marina Dalmar

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Marina Rolfe

Marina Rolfe

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Character Profile: Marina Dalmar Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile: Marina Dalmar   Character Profile: Marina Dalmar EmptyFebruary 2nd 2013, 8:00 am

Name: Marina Dalmar
Age: 22
Occupation: Mediator
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationships: John Rolfe.

Background: Marina came from a Fairytale land called Nirethia. On that land she had a tragic background, she lost her parents when she was still young, and sought for revenge for many years… On her search, she found John Rolfe… At first she imagined he was guilty for killing her father, but with the help of a good woman, she found out she was innocent… But before she discovered the truth, Marina and John went through many misunderstandings… Many of them Marina preferred to forget … They had a beautiful boy called Damon, and at the moment the spell was casted on Nirethia, they were going into a delicate moment. John’s sanity was in check, because of his traumatic past…
One day she slept on her bed, and when she woke up on the next morning, she was into a strange and modern house. She had a new memory, she was an architect, not a council member anymore, and she got some stuff from her older land, like her engagement ring, and a necklace John gave her, which she considered her lucky charm. She also saw the precious chest of his father, which she found on a ship they thought it was long lost, and to her relief on the room next door she saw her baby Damon, sleeping like an angel. But there was no sign of John.

Animation Version: Marina from Sinbad, the Legend of the Seven Seas.

Character Profile: Marina Dalmar Sinbad-zeta-jones_f

Live Action Version: Nina Dobrev.
Character Profile: Marina Dalmar Tumblr_m8lg1a2dx51qivii2o6_500
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Character Profile: Marina Dalmar
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