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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Character Profile: Eric Storm

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Eric Storm

Eric Storm

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Character Profile: Eric Storm Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile: Eric Storm   Character Profile: Eric Storm EmptyFebruary 2nd 2013, 8:13 am

Name: Eric Storm
Age: 23
Occupation: Owner of a night club.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Relationships: Kida

Background: Eric had one of the worst background in Nirethia. He arrived as a simple stable boy, but after meeting his father, he became somebody else. He started raping, murdering, and did all kinds of atrocities to make his father proud. But that road brought him nothing more than suffering, and he ended watching his mother being killed right in front of his eyes, and he also lost his first love because of the crimes he committed. However he met two of the most precious persons in his life, Belle and Kida, the clumsy and the expert witches, but both acted like children sometimes.
He fell in love for both of them, but as his love for Belle grew in a fraternal way, his love for Kida proved to be the greatest of all. He also screwed a lot with her, and he was too lucky, because on the end, she forgave him. The only thing he got from the old world was the engagement ring that he wasn’t able to give to Kida, and an old book of spells, containing the spell they used to heal Belle. He woke up in an alley, drunk, what a surprise, and with strange clothes. Then he found out he was the owner of a building called night club, which seemed a lot like the old taverns he used to go back on his old land.

Animated Version: Eric from The Little Mermaid
Character Profile: Eric Storm Tumblr_mffnzyAyow1rp0ie7o1_500

Live Action Version: Colin O'Donoghue [or Colin O'Liferuiner]
Character Profile: Eric Storm Tumblr_inline_mf7weli4hT1rvit7o
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Character Profile: Eric Storm
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