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Second Generation
Second Generation

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 Belle Rolfe

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Belle Rolfe
Belle Rolfe

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PostSubject: Belle Rolfe   February 2nd 2013, 9:34 am

Name: Belle Rolfe
Age: 22
Occupation: Librarian/Book Store Owner
Sexual Orientation: Who knows.
Relationships: Flynn Rider

Coming from Nirethia, she had a rough past. But, there were perks. She met Flynn Rider, and fell in love with him the day she met him. Love at first site, if you will. She later met Eric Storm, who she fell in love with, too, but in a different form. He is her best friend, and will be that forever. Her sister came back into her life as time went on; Kida. However, the one person who never left her life even when her parents were killed in her childhood was her brother, John Rolfe. Their past is just as rough, but she loves him, nonetheless.
Now, Belle's biggest problem has been with Flynn; they're constantly pulled apart. When the curse hit, they'd only been back together for a short period. She woke up behind the desk of a closed Library. Apparently, she owned the place. Now, her only desire is to find Flynn and Eric.

Animated: Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Live Action: Sophia Bush
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Belle Rolfe
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