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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Flynn Rider

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Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider

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Name: Flynn Rider
Age: 22
Occupation: Professional Artist ( But a Con-Artist in Secret )
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationships: Belle Rolfe


Born and Raised in the Realm, Nirethia, Flynn grew up with a more or less tragic past. However, with any tragic past, there is always a Happily Ever After at the end of it, the philosophy that he grew up with. He met his Happily Ever After in the form of a young beautiful brunette by the name of Belle Rolfe. Instantly, the two hit it off and he found himself loving her more than he thought he could ever love another. However, he learned quickly, that anything will try to drive their love away from each other. Among the bumps and roadblock, Flynn met Kida, Belle's older Sister, and a major pain in his butt, Eric Storm. Before arriving at this new foreign land, Belle and Flynn finally reconnected after a long journey and hardships.

He fell asleep, Belle in his arms and inside of his Grandmother's Cottage, and woke up, without Belle in his arms and in a new place all together, that smelled like it was Rat Infested. Now, his new goal is to find Belle.

Animated: Flynn Rider, Tangled
Flynn Rider Tumblr_lubjl48ine1qc5s9to2_500

Live-Action: Matt Bomer
Flynn Rider Tumblr_inline_mhd14ekDps1qz4rgp
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Flynn Rider
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