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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Kidagakash Nedakh

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Kidagakash Nedakh
Kidagakash Nedakh

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PostSubject: Kidagakash Nedakh   Kidagakash Nedakh EmptyFebruary 2nd 2013, 10:51 pm

Name: Kidagakash "Kida" Nedakh
Age: 26
Occupation: Nurse
Sexual Orientation: Non-Specific
Relationships: Eric Storm

Kida came from an easier past than most in Nirethia, but it still had it's harder times. Her father was killed by her half-sisters father when she was young. This severed the connection she had to Belle. Then, as a teenager, Kida's mother got on a boat and wasn't seen again. But, when Kida came to Nirethia, she met Belle and Eric Storm. She fell in Eric Storm, though they didn't get along at first at all. Things were hard for Kida. The first time she slept with Eric, she got pregnant. But, she lost the baby, and this tore the two of them apart. It even got to the point where Eric lost his hand. Kida and Eric were reunited, only to be separated again when the curse hit.
In the new world, Kida awoke as a nurse, which fit her, considering she was a master healer in the other realm. One important thing she realized upon her arrival was that Eric was not with her, nor was Belle or Flynn or anyone. She is determined to find them, along with taking care of her unborn baby.

Animated Face: Kidagakash Nedakh, The Lost City of Atlantis
Kidagakash Nedakh Tumblr_inline_mgjyckTv0G1rrdjm6

Live Action: Jessica Alba
Kidagakash Nedakh Tumblr_inline_mfcpd0KwAz1rx3l8k
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Kidagakash Nedakh
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