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Second Generation
Second Generation


 John Rolfe

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John Rolfe

John Rolfe

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PostSubject: John Rolfe   John Rolfe EmptyFebruary 2nd 2013, 11:00 pm

Name: Johnathan Daniel Rolfe
Age: 25
Occupation: CEO of ...some buisness place.yeah.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Relationships: Marina Dalmar (Doesn't remember it, though.)

John grew up with a very rough past in Nirethia. One that made him into a bad man, really. He grew to be an assassin, and tried to appease everyone until it cracked him and he became cold. The only redeeming side of him is Marina and Damon. But, just before the curse, John got into a situation that nearly cost him his life. In exchange for living, he lost his memories. All of them. He only remembers his name.
In the new world, he woke up and just accepted where he was. He has no recollection that he's missing anyone. However, there is a nagging feeling within him that is leading him to believe he's supposed to find someone.

Animated: John Rolfe; Pocahontas II, Journey to a New World
John Rolfe Tumblr_mbgldpx9BR1qzmvsio1_r1_500

Live Action: Ian Somerhalder
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John Rolfe
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