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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Philip Archibald

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PostSubject: Philip Archibald   Philip Archibald EmptyFebruary 3rd 2013, 8:20 pm

Name: Philip Archibald
Age: 20
Occupation: College Student/Intern for the mayor
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationships: Single

As the prince of Nirethia, Philip is supposed to act responsibly and pay attention in his lessons of the laws and duties he needs to know to fulfill when he is king. However, Philip is much more interested in the other aspects of being the crown prince. He enjoys the privileges that come with his title, the girls who throw themselves at him(of course that's not just due to his title Wink) and the many gifts he often gets from people. Philip is just a fun-loving, charming young adult who constantly plays down his intelligence and avoids taking part in any of his princely duties and responsibilities. He is very intelligent and clever though, but fools others into thinking otherwise with jokes. He has a kind heart but keeps it hidden from those he meets, making them think he's just a playboy.

No one really knows who Philip really is deep down, and most of his partying ways and avoidance of his duties comes from the fear and nervousness he feels about taking the throne. Philip acts like a rebel child and a playboy, but he is really the complete opposite. He has a hard time trusting people and has a difficult time opening up to others. Deep down, Philip is quite the romantic and a bit of a book worm. He has read hundreds of books from the castle, several of which involved the handsome prince rescuing the beautiful princess and falling in love. Philip's best and closest friend is actually his trusted steed Samson and Philip likes it that way. He's really a very shy person, which is why he pretty much becomes a whole new person in public.

Before the curse, Philip had been engaged to marry a princess in a neighboring kingdom, much to his chagrin. Most just put it under him not wanting to settle down, but really it's just because he has never met this girl and would much prefer to marry some one he really loved then some one that could help his parents form a political alliance.

The day that the curse was cast, Philip had been out once again, riding through the woods on the edge of the kingdom. It was one of his favorite activities, he didn't have to be anyone but himself. He was galloping along the edge of the river when he saw the sky darken, and he then felt an odd wave rush over him, causing him to be thrown over his horse.

When he finally came to, Philip found himself lying in a bed in a white room, a whole bunch of strange machines beeping around him. Apparently he was in what was called a hospital. He had been riding a "motorcycle"-whatever that was, and he was thrown from it. In this new place called Washington, he was told he was going to a school called the University of Washington, and interning for the city's mayor, the head of the city.

It's been a few weeks now, and Philip still isn't completely used to this new world, but he was having fun figuring it out. Plus, he was pretty happy not to be a prince anymore. It's like the weight of the world has been removed from his shoulders. He never wanted to go back.

Live Action: Chace Crawford
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Animated: Prince Philip
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Philip Archibald
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