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Second Generation
Second Generation

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 Kiss Me Slowly (Tag Adam)

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PostSubject: Re: Kiss Me Slowly (Tag Adam)   February 10th 2013, 10:04 pm

Adam frowned as he heard about Hercules... So the good guy wasn't at school, and with some blonde. He was still stalking around the room, and giving Hades an evil eye as he wandered about it... He couldn't get through him, not without hurting Meg, he was trying not to think about Hercules, but all of a sudden he imagine with who he was with.... Aurora, what if she was with Hades on this. She had already screwed him with magic before, and it wouldn't surprise him if she did that again. But as soon Hades threatened to leave, Adam lunged towards them... He almost got Meg, but all he wrapped with his arm was smoke. He coughed as he walked away from the smoke, and as Hades wasn't into the room anymore, the spell on the door hadn't effect anymore, and Adam felt strong grips on his arms. ''Let me go!'', he growled and pushed the security from him... He had only one thing in his mind, and he walked off from the school with a dangerous glimpse into his eyes. ''I'll drive...'', he muttered to his driver, and drove wildly across the streets, knowing exactly where he needed to go.

[Hadesssss.... DX To the gym?? It's better if Hercules can help..... You put Meg into this and you need to get her from it >>]
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PostSubject: Re: Kiss Me Slowly (Tag Adam)   February 11th 2013, 2:18 am

(The gym? Yeah. Sure. Okay. I can make that work. ._.)
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Kiss Me Slowly (Tag Adam)
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