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Second Generation
Second Generation

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 The Hangover

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Eric Storm

Eric Storm

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PostSubject: The Hangover   February 9th 2013, 12:31 am

Mehhh, I'm going to crash soon, so that's why this fanfic isn't one of my best, soooo
Like Marina's fanfiction, this is a small story of Eric's first days on Seattle.... :]

Every once and now, Eric was able to run away from the Rolfe mansion, just for fun, or to see Kida, or to have his hand cut off for instance, but this time he only wanted to have a time for him, so he chose a cold night to break away and spend some time at town. He got suspicious that Jonathan knew about his escapes, but didn’t care about that… He was only afraid that someday he would have to pay for them, and he knew John wasn’t a guy to play easy with, but Eric wasn’t very responsible either, so he wasn’t worried too much about it.

This time he was at the tavern, with a couple of drink friends by his side and he was drinking his old and good scotch. They were laughing, and dancing with some girls they had around… Some of them were walking with the ladies, but Eric had only one woman in his mind… And she was just a couple of blocks far from him… He laughed some more and watched the men leaving the tavern slowly, and by the end there were only him, and two or three men around, with no intention as far he could see. He was just concerned that Joseph was around, and maybe he wanted to take his other hand too.

He pursed his lips and left some coins to pay for his drinks as he got up and walked to the dark night… The moon was high on the starless night, and Eric had the feeling it was going to rain soon. He walked aimless through the streets and then he found himself walking straight to Nicholas’ mansion… Not that it was far from Rolfe’s but he didn’t actually need to walk by that street. He smiled softly and maybe it was because of the alcohol or maybe because of the small ring on the pocket of his jacket, but he decided to break into the mansion and steal Kida from there… He loved her and he would do anything to have her by his side… He was turning to the mansion gates when everything happened. He looked farther on the street and saw a big black smoke engulfing everything on its reach… Eric imagined her was too drunk and he was imagining it, but as soon the thing got closer, Eric could swear his eyes weren’t mistaken… He started walking towards the contrary direction, to the tavern, but the black cloud was faster, and he soon was engulfed too.

On the next morning he woke up in a very different place… He was near to a very strange building, and the street across him was different from everything he had ever seen. He woke up slowly, stumbling on his feet as he walked off from that strange alley. “Thank God you’re here, Eric! We need to oversee the new shipping of beers for the show tonight?”, a very thin man jogged towards him. “Hold on a sec… What? Where am I?”, he made a face and looked around as the boy walked him towards what he imagined it was a very different tavern… It was weird, and it looked like it was built of plastic, not stone…. They walked into a small room called office, and the boy explained him about everything… That he was the owner of the place, and everyone knew him by ‘Hook’, because of the attachment on his stump. Eric nodded quietly at every of the boy’s word, and left him encharged of everything for the day…. Once he was alone, he leaned back into the chair and looked around. His first impression was that he had drunk too much, that this time he had run the limits. But as days passed, he got worried… He realized he was into a new whole realm, he was better than the man he was in Nirethia, but he was alone. There wasn’t one day he passed that he hasn’t thought of Kida… He wondered if she was into this new world too, and how she was now since she was pregnant with his child…. After a week, learning about his new life, Eric started looking for Kida and Belle… And also for the rest of his family… He had no problem if Jim was on that new realm with him. He would gladly help the kid on this new life, but he was getting sick worried about the Korsos… The last thing he wanted was meeting one of them, or they meeting Kida if they were there too.
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The Hangover
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