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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Aladdin (Street Rat)

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PostSubject: Aladdin (Street Rat)   Aladdin (Street Rat) EmptyFebruary 12th 2013, 2:03 am

Name: Aladdin
Age: 18
Occupation: None // Petty Thief
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Past Relationships: Jim Hawkins (Deceased) ; Naveen

Aladdin grew up with no parents, no home, no anything. When he was about six years old, a boy by the name of Jim found him with a torn up blanket, cuddled up on the bench in a park. He took him in and let him share his bed. Ali had never had someone to care for him and therefore clung to this other boy, despite how little emotion he actually got out of Jim. Around the age of ten, Aladdin left, seeing as how he was in love with Jim, and Jim was meant to be with another girl -- two boys weren't not supposed to be together, anyway. From there, things got progressively worse for Al. He tried to provide for himself, but found that the only way he could actually make money was through stealing his food and by selling the only thing he had to the guards and rich men around the city -- his body. Years later, he came back into contact with Jim and found himself stuck all over again. In the time, he met Naveen and fell in love with him. Jim had sworn he was not ever going to feel anything for Aladdin, but ended up doing just the opposite. This realization led to a fall out between the three boys and sadly left Naveen with the broken heart.

After that, Aladdin made sure to try and mend things with Naveen. Once he had, he was able to get on with his new life with Jim -- the one he'd always imagined. They bought a house and things were perfect. Until the fire. The two boys were sleeping when it started. Jim was the one to wake Aladdin up, but it was far too late by then. Both had inhaled too much smoke. When the curse swept over the kingdom of Nirethia, Aladdin was taken with it.

He woke up in the hospital, burns on his body and his lungs damaged from fire. He was told his small apartment building had burned. Before he could ask any questions about where he was or what was going on, the nurses decided it was best to tell him that the other boy in the apartment hadn't made it. Jim, upon the fire departments arrival, had inhaled far too much smoke, his body burned badly in the flames. Despite attempts to revive him, none proved successful. Aladdin used what money he had -- all of it, really -- to pay for the burial. There was no funeral. Just a coffin, and a hole in the graveyard, along with a tombstone. He was released from the hospital in time to go to the small burial -- him being the only attendant, of course. With no money or home or anyone by his side, he was reverted back to the street rat he had been for most of his life. He fell back into the mold of being tossed around by men for money -- which, in this realm, actually came up with some good amounts of money. He stole and snuck around, finding shelter under awnings and wherever else he could.

Animated Character: Aladdin
Aladdin (Street Rat) Tumblr_mi2nlaBpvB1s5b4iro1_500

Live Action: Luke Pasqualino (I changed it from Tyler Posey. Sue me.)
Aladdin (Street Rat) Tumblr_m4r77nxxhm1r9ol4o
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Aladdin (Street Rat)
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