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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Naveen(Dancing Queen)

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PostSubject: Naveen(Dancing Queen)   Naveen(Dancing Queen) EmptyFebruary 12th 2013, 3:27 am

Name: Naveen
Age: 19
Occupation: Dance Instructor
Sexual Orientation: Confused
Relationships: None currently

Naveen is a very goofy, friendly, lovable guy, who can be tough and serious, but prefers to be light and playful. He was abandoned as an infant by his parents and later found by Grandma Fa, who took him in and raised him. When he was 5, he met Jasmine when she had gotten lost and separated from her foster family and soon became one of her closest friends. He is a bit of a flirt, often spending the night with a different girl every few nights, but he is also very loyal to his friends, and very dependable and sweet. He is really the light of the party, making just about everyone he meets smile. Eventually, Naveen became a dancer, and started to develop a bit of a crush on Jasmine, but she never thought anything more of him other than a friend, so he never acted on his feelings.

He left Nirethia when he was 16, when he was cast in a ballet, to perform with them(and to spend some time away from Jasmine), returning to Nirethia after 2 years. At first upon returning, he still had feelings for Jasmine, but that soon changed when he met Aladdin. Naveen started out just playfully flirting with the boy, but it soon became real, and they eventually entered into a relationship. They had their problems, but overall they were happy, but then Al's first love came back into his life, things between Al and Naveen came to a crashing halt, leaving Naveen heartbroken and confused.

After some time apart, Naveen and Aladdin did meet up and get back on friendly terms with one another. It was after the two males had made up that Naveen was sent to another world, one where he was a dance instructor, living in an apartment above the dance studio, and very confused about how he got there. But-true to his nature-he's been making the best of the situation, and keeping himself upbeat.

Animated: Naveen-The Princess and the Frog
**He doesn't have the accent though.x3
Naveen(Dancing Queen) Tumblr_meqdt4dGRm1qhd7vuo1_250

Live Action: Siva Kaneswaran
Naveen(Dancing Queen) Tumblr_mac5qe8ZbT1rrsltx
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Naveen(Dancing Queen)
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