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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Jasmine Flowers

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Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine Flowers

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PostSubject: Jasmine Flowers   Jasmine Flowers EmptyFebruary 19th 2013, 4:00 am

Name: Jasmine Flowers
Age: 18
Occupation: University Student, Part-Time Dance Instructor Assistant
Sexuality: Straight as a Curly Fry.
Relationship: None, for now. Wink

Jasmine, born into a life with nothing going for her, is a Dreamer, Artistically Optimistic, and a Realist. When she lived in Nirethia, she found herself naturally talented at Dancing, using it to help her through the dark days. She made a name for herself, both great and not-so-well, and joined the Wonderland Dancers. At first, it made her feel wanted, important. However, as time flew and she became Head Dancer and Head Girl-to-Be or Girl-to-Do, all she felt was abused, used, and empty. The only joys in her life came when she met Marina, instantly hitting it off with her. As she helped Marina during her pregnancy and after Damon was born, she grew to love both more than ever. It also came when her best friend, Naveen, came back from his long trip away from her.

However, as she fell asleep one night, she awoke in a completely different place, time, world. It didn't take her long to investigate that it wasn't just a dream but a completely different realm. In this world, she lived in a small apartment, with a roommate, worked at a Dance Studio as an Assistant, and went to school for Dance. Even without her friends, she takes in this new world, letting it be her second chance at life.

Live Action:
Jasmine Flowers Tumblr_micco9QsyV1rsin77o4_r1_500
Mila Kunis

Jasmine Flowers Tumblr_ma5039jkyf1qc1mbno2_500
Jasmine from Aladdin
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Jasmine Flowers
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