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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Character Profile: Beast/Adam

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Character Profile: Beast/Adam Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile: Beast/Adam   Character Profile: Beast/Adam EmptyJanuary 19th 2013, 1:36 am

Name: Adam
Age: 23
Home Realm: Fairytale
Current Realm: Modern
Occupation: Male Model
Sexual Orientation: Non-Specific
Relationships: None

Background: Adam was, and still is, the spoiled, selfish, and unkind young man. When the spell was casted, he was still cursed into his beast form. However, as he got into this new land, he had his old appearance, and worked as a male model.... This is the land where he can finally be himself, without worrying with any stupid witch, or magic, or enchanted roses.... Still, you can call him eccentric, but when he sees a rose he burnes or destroys it, he doesn't want to have anything related to his fairytale self.

Animated: Beast/Adam
Character Profile: Beast/Adam Tumblr_mepgwfZV7G1rzqzmv

Live Action: Zac Efron
Character Profile: Beast/Adam Tumblr_ma84rna41D1rwvg1f
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Character Profile: Beast/Adam
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