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Second Generation
Second Generation


 Ariel-The little mermaid

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PostSubject: Ariel-The little mermaid   Ariel-The little mermaid EmptyJanuary 19th 2013, 2:36 am

Modern Occupation: Student/Vintage Shop
Sexual Orientation: Non-specific
Relationships: None

Background: Ariel is just like any 16 year old girl, except she had fins. Ariel was the youngest of seven mermaid daughters of the great sea king King Triton. But being a mermaid never interested Ariel-she always was more interested in the world above the water's surface. She had a vast collection of various human objects hidden in a deep sea cavern and she longed to spend at least a day above the sea. Well with the curse, Ariel got her wish, with a twist. The spirited red head was transported to the modern world, and she was given legs. Now in this world Ariel has been enrolled into a strange place, known as 'high school,' and after school she spends her time working in a small vintage shop. She is still fascinated by the human world and its objects and people and is in no hurry to return to her home, but she has wondered from time to time about what her family are up to.

Animated: Disney - Ariel
Ariel-The little mermaid Tumblr_mg3l7gq8W31rvx6q2o1_500

Live Action: Holland Roden
Ariel-The little mermaid Tumblr_mgbrdwlRp81rlj75ro4_250
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Ariel-The little mermaid
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