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Second Generation
Second Generation


 O Holy Night

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Marina Rolfe

Marina Rolfe

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O Holy Night  Empty
PostSubject: O Holy Night    O Holy Night  EmptyJune 2nd 2013, 5:26 am

This fanfic is setted in Nirethia.... I was playing with some ideas in my head for when John and Marina would be together after they were on a break, for a second time.... I wrote that last year, and I know it sucks, but I found it in old archives and I wanted to share.... :3
Her dress: http://www.thefashionstreet.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/heidi-klum-red-gown-by-John-Galliano-she-wore-for-the-Oscars-in-2008.-e1363378142412.jpg

The night was shining bright. Despite snowing all day long, when the evening came, the night sky got clear, and the full moon shined kingly among the stars. Marina attended the Christmas dinner at the Dimitri’s mansion. He didn’t save any money at the feast, and for the first time for a long time she ate something more substantial than the small fruits and meals she had the past few weeks.

She was at the balcony with Damon at her arms. He enjoyed the party until certain point, but then it got noisy, and Marina noticed he was in pain because of everyone’s voice and laughs. She left Jasmine at the grand ball room, dancing with all those gentlemen, and walked far from the crowd with Damon. Being alone with him was comforting, since he was the only person of her family in that room, but still she felt lonely, and Damon felt it too. As she stood outside with him, he slowly calmed down, and then she slept curling up into her.

Marina hoped she could find John on that party. Even Fa showed up a little, but there was no sign of him. Maybe he had another party to attend, but something deep side told her the otherwise, she had the feeling that he would might be as lonely as Marina was. Suddenly, she wanted to be somewhere else, somewhere far from that mansion, and closer to someone. She couldn’t deny to herself anymore, she knew where she belonged, and she hoped he could accept her again.
She called for Dimitri’s coachman, and ignoring the men asking her for a dance, she looked for Jasmine, and told her she was leaving, though she could enjoy the rest of the night, and meet her at home on the next day. Damon moved uneasy on her arms inside the ball room, but as soon she walked at the front porch he calmed down. She informed the coachman where she was going and during all the way long she tried to calm her heart down, but she was getting more nervous as she approached the mansion.

She thanked the man for the ride and quietly she walked at the front door of her mansion. Emily, one of the latest maids she hired was the one opening the door. Marina smiled softly and asked quietly. “Where is he?”, “He’s at the living room”, she said quietly and then helped her with the coat. She leaned to hold Damon, but Marina only shook her head, “He’s coming with me”, she said softly, and then walked to where she would find him. He was seating at the chair next to the fireplace, alone with a glass of rum in his hand. She sighed softly, “Nobody deserves to be alone at Christmas Eve”, she smiled sheepishly and walked inside the room. Her red gown made a smooth noise at each step she made, but her heart was beating so erratically that she was almost sure it was more noise than her steps. She took the glass from his hand and sat on his lap, looking deeply into his green eyes before she cupped his cheek and kissed his lips tenderly. “I love you”, she whispered in his lips, and Damon chimed in her arms. Marina gently let Damon go into John’s arms and sighed in content as she rested her head upon John’s shoulder. Being there with Damon and John felt right, and she couldn’t ask for a better Christmas night than standing there in their company.
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O Holy Night
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